Our Approach

As cliche as it may sound, we listen. In fact, we listen to understand; rather than listen to respond. In an age where so much communication is now being done online, small businesses are needing to find better ways to break through the noise.

Our Story

Crafty Communications LLC was created to help other young professionals who are small business owners. Whether it's creating impactful content for e-newsletters or producing dynamic marketing videos, we provide a one-stop shop for our clients.

We understand the financial strain that comes along with opening your very own business. That is why Crafty Communications LLC provides affordable client packages for our clients so they can take care of what is important - running a brand new business.

Meet the Team

We may be a small team but we get the job done - ask our clients! Satisfaction guaranteed!


Terrance Craft

Founder & President

With a strong background in communications, Terrance started his own business to assist other young professionals who were business owners. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Oklahoma City University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Terrance is an avid moviegoer and enjoys laying on his couch playing Clash Royale. Can you guess what his favorite movie is?


Coulton Parker

Director of Finance & Reporting


Aaron Phillips

Web Designer & SEO Consultant

Isaiah Williams

Director of Client Services


Josh Robinson

Videographer / Photographer


Philip Younts

Exec Producer / Lead Host Oklahoma Sports RePhil

Next Steps...

Want to schedule an appointment with our CEO? He'd be more than glad to meet with you! Especially if it's at Panera - that Papaya Passion Green Tea gets him every time.